Sticker Making


In July of 2019, I thought to myself “I should make stickers.” So that day I went to Michael’s craft store, and with some of the money I’d saved up from working, I bought a Cricut and some sticker paper. At this time, I didn’t have Procreate and I had just gotten my iPad so I really had no idea what I was doing. I started by making a few super simple designs and sold some to my friends, but it unfortunately didn’t progress much further than that since school was starting in the fall. I made one single new sticker while at college, but this summer I plan to start things back up better than ever. Now I know how to draw on my iPad very well and I have so many ideas for sticker designs. I just ordered some new super high quality sticker paper so I’m ready to go as soon as school is over. The reason I didn’t keep up with it in college is because I was extremely focused on school and I didn’t want to only put some effort into making average stickers. Once I have more time to make high quality designs, I plan on posting about it on my social media and I want to start selling them to a larger audience! Here are a few of the sticker sticker designs I’ve made in the past.