Journey To Treasure

For this project, we focused on actively observing our surroundings. We had to create our own journey for someone else to go on, but also had to take someone else’s journey. During our second journey, we had to make notes of our experience and sketch the most significant points. The specific requirements were to…

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of invisible qualities and their role in representation
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of accurate verbal instructions
  • Apply active observation and sensorial awareness to extract details from subject matter
  • Apply triangulation to accurately sketch observations


Starting Out

This project was very exciting, but also overwhelming since we were so new to campus. I was also nervous because I’m not the best at drawing realistically. First, I went on my own journey to the garden on top of Knowlton and typed out detailed instructions for my partner. Next, I went on her journey a little fountain at Mirror Lake. On the way, I took pictures of the most significant points of the journey that stood out to me…


After going on the journey once, I went again so I could start sketching. I ended up choosing these 5 general scenes plus one more towards the end. At this point I was just getting the line work done so that I could go back to the lab and start adding detail and shading. Here are my first sketches…


From there, I added shading and detail, just like I said I would! I only took one art class freshman year of high school, so this was my first time drawing in a very long time. The finished product is not very far from my initial sketches unfortunately since I was nervous to shade too much, here they are…

What I Learned

Looking back at this project, there’s a lot that I would do differently. I wish that I would have just allowed myself to be confident because you can really see my restraint in these sketches. I should have gone in more with the shading and added definition with my Micron pens. In the end, I learned that it’s okay to mess up, don’t let that fear stop you from reaching your full potential.