Interpreted Journey

This project was all about converting our initial journey into a new story from a new perspective (flying, being chased, or being on a new planet). We had to use different compositional and perspective drawing techniques to convey the new outlook. The specific requirements were to…

  • Interpret observations and translate them into a representation reflective of your interpretation
  • Use compositional elements with intention to create mood or support narrative
  • Use linear perspective to construct space and form with support from observation
  • Use observation to evaluate underlying qualities of space and forms to aid in reconstructing them in perspective


Starting Out

First I had to choose which new perspective I was going to draw from. At first I didn’t really even consider the flying option because I thought it’d be all aerial shots which is boring. I realized that you don’t always have to fly super high up facing the ground, you can be close to the ground, turned over on your back, etc. This excited me so I ended up going with this option to see what I could come up with.


We had to stick with the same locations from our original journey project, so I wanted to change up the framing as much as possible. We had to make a bunch of quick thumbnail iterations of possible compositions. I knew that motion lines would be very important with the flying perspective since it’s actively moving. You can see in my ideas how I tried to incorporate them in multiple ways…


After narrowing down my iterations and completely changing some of them, I chose my final five compositions. Tried to choose a variety of aerial, close up, and far away shots. After getting all the line work done, I moved on to adding detail and shading. This time I was less scared about shading, and I’m so proud of myself. For this project, I also used my Micron pens which helped the lines really stand out. As you can see, a lot of these frames really transformed, for example I spent a lot of time on the hand dragging through the water to make it as realistic as possible.

What I Learned

After this project, I learned that it’s important to test things out before applying them to the real thing. This is in reference to the two aerial shots that I tried to apply motion lines to. These two frames ended up looking a bit too similar and didn’t have enough detail to convey the flying feeling.