Face Off

For this project we had to work with a partner to create two separate objects that augment the body. Each partner had to create an object that represents one side of a concept of dualism. The specific requirements were to…

  • To experiment with compositional attributes in volumetric space and form: complimentary shape relationships or connections (body to augmentation);
  • To collaboratively compose, illustrate and communicate a thematic narrative;
  • To study the relationship between surface/skin and structure through exploration of material languages (planar materials) in form;
  • To explore and apply design elements including three-dimensional volumes (form) and spaceĀ (positive and negative form and space) and time (body activation);
  • To explore and apply design principles of scale and proportion, dominance, harmony, and contrast.


Starting Out

To start off, my partner and I had to choose a concept to build our project from. We came up with ideas with varying levels of abstraction ranging from cold/got and energy/matter. After some deliberation we decided on my partner doing full and me doing hungry. I was initially hesitant to go with this concept because I thought the outcomes could be a little too representational with food. In the end, I just have to make sure my object has a good level of abstraction.


My partner and I decided that his object would go around the mouth/face and mine would focus on the torso/stomach. We wanted to make them interact with each other and connect the mouth/stomach. Here are some of the first ideas I thought of…


I didn’t end up choosing one of these ideas specifically, but rather combined two and made some changes. I liked the idea of the hollow torso from the last two iterations, so I came up with an idea that has the general shape of the last one but the rectangular indent of the puzzle one (instead of puzzle pieces it’d just be cubes). The idea behind this is that it has some monster like qualities that match my partner’s object but has a simple mechanic to represent “full”. There will be a string that connects the mask to my torso where three cubes will travel to fill up the last row of my indentation. The cubes fulling up the last row represents the action of going from hungry to full. Also, I chose cubes because they fit perfectly together, leaving little to no gaps. Here are some sketches as well as a small prototype of the object to test out the mechanic…

From doing this I learned that the cubes have to come in through the outside, the measurements of the cubes should be slightly smaller because they end up bigger after they’re constructed, and I need to add some extra space on the sides to allow for the concave indent. I took all of this into consideration and created the life sized version…

After the base was constructed, I made the cubes over and over until I had 12 perfect ones. I also added downward facing spikes on the back to relate to my partner’s monster theme on his mask. The idea behind this was that once you’re full you’re satisfied therefore non-aggressive. Throughout the process of this project, the concept kind of shifted from hungry/full to unsatisfied/satisfied. Here is the completed version…

What I Learned

I learned so much from this project. Communication was a huge part of this project since we worked with partners. Although English wasn’t my partner’s first language, we were still able to understand each other and ended up with two cohesive pieces. I also learned how helpful prototyping is because if I hadn’t done it, I would have made all of those first mistakes on the big version and wasted a lot of time.