About Me

Emma’s Designer Bio

A Short Biography

Hello! My name is Emma Peters and I’m currently a Freshman at The Ohio State University enrolled in the Design Foundations program. I am hoping to get into my intended major, Visual Communication Design, for my upcoming Sophomore year. I’ve always had a lot of passion for whatever I do, and now I love directing that passion towards design. In my free time, I draw on my iPad and make stickers, little illustrations, and simple animations for fun! I’ve sold stickers in the past and hope to continue doing that soon. I love being creative and solving problems with logic, so this field is perfect for me.

Noteworthy Information

  • My favorite color is yellow, but I love working with color in general. I think it’s super fun to make color palettes and try to create different moods with them.
  • I traveled to Spain last year and it sparked my love for travel. I’d love to study abroad at some point, and beyond college I want to make seeing the world a priority in my life.
  • I make stickers and sell them to my close friends. When I have more time, I plan on expanding this and selling them through my instagram to reach a larger audience!
  • I want to live in or near a big city when I’m older. From traveling to bigger cities throughout my life, I have always found that they are my favorite places to be. I love the idea of being surrounded by motivated and open minded people like myself!
  • I love to make people smile and laugh. I’m very optimistic and have made it my mission to bring only positivity into this world.
  • As soon as I discovered the field of Graphic Design, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. It combines creativity with problem solving which is exactly what I love to do. 

My Definition of Design and What Excites me About the Process

I define design as a way to add order into certain aspects that would otherwise be chaos. Every single thing we look at has some element of design and thought behind it. Design is a process that makes the world function properly and easily. I have always had a very keen eye for the smallest of details. In the past, school projects like making posters, power points, etc. have shown that I am quite the perfectionist. I believe this gives me a good eye for design because in this program, it’s all about the details that form the bigger picture. This really excites me because everything we’ve done just makes sense to me.