My Academic Year in 2017-2018

My intent during my second year at OSU was to not make the same mistakes that plagued me during my freshman year; skipping class, constantly sleeping, missing homework submissions, skipping club meetings, etc. Sadly, I did not succeed in preventing those same mistakes. However, by working with counseling (both on and off-campus) towards the end, I was able to realize what I needed to do to be able to succeed in my next years. I started writing dates and schedules down as to not miss midterms or important deadlines. I started sleeping and waking up earlier (even without an alarm), as I’ve learned over the summer that I can do much more during the day compared to late night hours.

Granted, here in my third year, it hasn’t been perfect. I’ve missed some recent homework assignments and my habits are wavering back and forth between the old and new Sameed. But I think I’m capable of controlling it. The difficulty will be in compensating for my mistakes. Before I turn this into a year-in-progress post about my third year, let’s address my GOALS from last year:

Global Awareness:

This past year, my main form of global awareness came from my continued membership of OSU’s Kendo Club, as we have a handful of opportunities during the year to attend cultural events, such as the Japanese Student Organization’s Spring Festival. There we held a booth teaching people about the history and practice of kendo, while being able to visit other booths and watch performances on stage in the Ohio Union. In fact, I participated in a kendo demonstration with a friend, demonstrating what kendo sparring looks like. It was a great opportunity to meet Japanese-American members of the Columbus community, including some older individuals who used to practice kendo as young adults!

Original Inquiry:

This year I have continued my research with Dr. Ulrich Heinz in the Physics department, having worked with him since March of my freshman year. I was able to present our ongoing research at the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Research Forum, as well as the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, where I received first place in the category of “Beyond Earth”! Over the summer I’ve been tasked with a new research project, and I plan on presenting it during the fall at OSU’s undergraduate fall research festival. Since I will be taking relativity and quantum mechanics classes, I also anticipate being able to more deeply understand my research in a more intellectually rigorous way, rather than from a mostly software engineering standpoint. Perhaps in the future, it will even lead to a thesis project.

Academic Enrichment:

I have structured my class schedule to reflect my desire to gain an introductory-graduate-student equivalent of knowledge in math and physics before applying to graduate school after graduation. This will entail completing most of my major requirements by the end of my fourth year, leaving room in my fifth year for finishing any electives, general education requirements, and graduate level courses that interest me in math and physics. Unfortunately, due to my bad motivation and dropping of certain classes the prior year, I’ve pushed myself a little behind schedule, but I think a fifth year (as well as some online summer courses), I will still be able to attain my goal.

Leadership Development:

As one of my extracurricular activities, I also served as the vice president of Kendo Club, where I helped manage membership lists, send out informative emails, and manage registration for tournaments. I anticipate this leadership experience to be useful as it helps me refocus on the responsibility I’ve so far neglected in my academics. In addition, I can use the management and collaborative experience to prepare me for a future in research, where working as a group, managing presentation dates and grant submissions, and reaching out to other individuals will prove to be important skills.

Service Engagement:

As an Eminence Fellow, the most significant service engagement in which I’m involved would be our class project Enlighten, a newly formed project aimed towards curbing activities that encourage human trafficking and removing the stigma from survivors of trafficking. We plan to continue our efforts through methods such as spreading awareness and providing legal advocacy, among other currently-developing methods. On a smaller scale, I participated in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service with my friends Sara and Frank, where I learned how much work we as a community can accomplish if we all simply take a day of our time (or even 2 hours a week) to help out. It’s definitely an experience I plan on continuing this year as well.

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