Global Awareness: As the son of two Pakistani immigrants, the importance of global awareness is not lost on me; every individual draws some sort of identify from their cultural background, and without taking the time to digest the differences between cultures and truly appreciate such distinctions, it is hopeless to claim to be a global citizen. In attempting to become more globally aware and sensitive to other cultures, I plan on sating my hunger for learning about new cultures by studying topics in foreign literature, whether that encompasses the works of those living in other nations, or those living in cultures at home yet unknown. In fact, my progress in increasing my cultural awareness has already begun, as I have recently joined the Ohio State University Kendo Club, providing me an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and meet many individuals from other communities and cultures.

Original Inquiry: Perhaps my primary motivation for attending college, save for the wealth of information and abundance of opportunity, would be the ability to conduct cutting-edge physics research. One of my original reasons for pursuing physics education was to help address energy concerns after experiencing firsthand the lack of suitable energy infrastructure in Pakistan. While the same concerns resonate with me still, I’ve recently found my desire to pursue theoretical research (on its own merit) to be more personally appealing. As such, I’ve been working with Dr. Ulrich Heinz in the Department of Physics on computational relativistic heavy ion physics since my second semester. If you happen to see me around campus, I would be more than happy to oblige you in a conversation about my work (as my friends can surely attest!)

Academic Enrichment: In pursuing my honors double major in Mathematics and Physics within the College of Arts and Sciences, I have begun to build a foundation onto which I can carefully build with new knowledge gained from advanced courses in my intended majors. By electing to stress myself a little more during my first year by skipping a few course sequences, I set myself on a path to study graduate level topics in mathematics and physics: two intense and interesting studies that display a kind of symbiosis in how well they play into each other. As a result, by the end of my four years I should have hopefully developed a rigorous foundation unto which I can specialize even further through graduate studies in the years after. My general education classes, then, will serve to broaden my horizons and serve my interests in topics such as classical literature and foreign cultures.

Leadership Development: Much of my anticipated journey throughout post-secondary education will entail taking new leadership responsibilities upon myself in extracurricular clubs and activities elsewhere. My prior experience as an Eagle Scout should hopefully have prepared me enough to tackle new leadership tasks, such as working with the other Eminence Fellows of my class to develop and coordinate a service project for the Columbus community that shall stand for the duration of our time on campus and beyond. Additionally, my responsibilities in future lab environments and clubs to which I plan on committing more time, such as Kendo, will also require me to go beyond my past requirements in leading others and serving as an example. Regardless, I am no less than excited for the opportunities that await.

Service Engagement: To help other people at all times. As a boy scout, such a phrase was repeated by every individual at our weekly meetings to remind us of our obligation to our community. As such, I intend to pursue service opportunities as part of extracurricular club service events, as well as perhaps my largest anticipated service engagement during my time at the university: the Eminence Fellowship service project. With my 26 fellow classmates, I plan to help develop and execute a service project within the Columbus community meant to do more than simply resemble routine volunteer work. However, the first and most important part still remains for us to tackle — developing a feasible yet substantial idea for a project.

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