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My name is Sameed Pervaiz and I have the privilege of studying Mathematics and Physics (with a little bit of Comp Sci) at the Ohio State University as an Eminence Fellow of the Class of 2020! .

I grew up in North Canton, Ohio, where I attended Jackson Local Schools for (nearly) my entire education. I always preferred math and science in school, but it wasn’t until high school when I seriously started gravitating towards physics (pun unintended) as I took various AP classes at Jackson. Having been introduced to computers by my older siblings as a young child, I also like to tinker with programming and neat software tools — perhaps you’ll see some of my blog posts migrated from my other blog to here! In a stroke of luck, I even managed to find an opportunity do combine all my interests in my research, where I currently study the parallelization of high energy nuclear theory simulation packages under the supervision of Dr. Ulrich Heinz.

I so wish I could say academics use up all my time, but some of my other hobbies also see their share of its use! I took up Kendo as a hobby my freshman year, and I practice weekly with others in OSU’s Kendo Club (shameless plug: come try it out on Sundays from 12-3!). If you hear a group of people screaming and the sound of earthquakes inside the North Rec Center or the PAES — yep, that’s us! I also enjoy playing trumpet and viola (though I’m arguably much better with one than the other), and occasionally play in a university group. You also might find me playing video games with friends, or having heated discussions with my friend Akshay about math, physics, and productivity (I’ve not quite determined which of the two is less productive).

While I do enjoy my hobbies, I have plenty of time to meet new people! If you see me around campus, go ahead and give me a shout, I’d be more than happy to chat — hope to see you up and about!

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