Hannah Persinger

Hi, my name is Hannah Persinger and I am a first-year humanities scholar. I moved to Ohio State from Greenwood, Indiana. OSU was my first choice in colleges and is my absolute dream school, I am so excited to be here! I am majoring in English and want to become a book editor in the future. Columbus is an incredible city, the only things I miss about home are my family, friends, and dog! My favorite book is “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk.

My First Week at THE Ohio State University

Ohio State University is my dream school and I have been so excited to move to Columbus and start my life here. However, I was terrified to move away from everyone that I knew when it was time. I was welcomed to Ohio State by everyone that I met. All of my instructors are extremely nice, interesting people.  I went to Short North and had some awesome ice cream, I experienced Cane’s chicken for the first time, I attended my first Humanities Scholars meeting, and I made the journey from Baker East to Scott dining hall. The memories I am making here will last forever. I am so excited to be attending Ohio State University, and I am so proud to be here! Go Bucks!