Module 2: Communicating and Collaborating

This week’s module I learned about more about communication and collaborating online. When communicating online, you must remember that you cannot always see faces and expressions so you should avoid capitalizing all your text. It could come across as yelling, or giving attitude. Another important factor in communicating online is to proof read your texts before sending them. If someone receives your message and there are errors, it could make them think that the person who wrote the text is lazy or does not care much about the conversation. When collaborating with groups online, it is important to make sure everyone is on the same page. I suggest having a folder specifically for that group and shared with all members. Inside the folder, it could have documents that have individual tasks for each member. I recommend storing all the documents in a folder inside Google drive. Google dive makes it simple by automatically saving everything you type or add into the folder which could save you or the members in your group from losing any documents erased or moved. One tip I learned in module 2, slide 14, is dealing with group members. That is if you are worried about a member not getting their work done on time, you should be the facilitator/editor of the whole project. That means you keep track on what needs to be done and by who. Lastly you are the person who gets sent all the documents to submit. It gives you responsibility to remind everyone to finish their work while controlling the end product of the project.