Welcome to join us in Wuhan, China on October 27-30, 2016 for 2nd International Symposium on Perch and Bass – ISPB-II.

The Symposium organized by Huazhong Agricultural University and the Ohio State University will be held at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China. The International Symposium on Perch and Bass is designed to provide a forum on recent development and future directions in perch and bass research, development and production. With many keynote speakers, the conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and applications in these internationally important aquaculture species. Invited scholars, who are engaged in the perch and bass research and development from America, China, Australia, Spain, Belgium, and Singapore, will be giving the speeches.

Conference Committee


Prof. Xufang Liang, Huazhong Agriculture University, China.

Prof. Hanping Wang, The Ohio State University, USA.


Prof. Junjie Bai, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

Prof. Francesc Piferrer, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Spain.

Prof. Paul Brown, Purdue University, USA.

Prof. Gen Hua Yue, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, National University of Singapore

Prof. Dean Jerry, James Cook University, Australia

Prof. Jianshe Zhang, Chang Sha College, China.

Prof. Chris Carter, University of Tasmania, Australia

Prof. Benjamin Reading, North Carolina State University, USA

Prof. Stefan Teerlinck, Agriculture Research Inst., Belgium

Prof. Ming Xie, Chinese Academy of Agriculture, China.

Prof. Hong Ji, Northwest A&F University, China.

Sihua Zhu, Senior Engineer. Wuhan Academy of Agriculture, China.

Acknowledgments to the following supporters and sponsors

Fisheries College, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), China

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University (OSU).

Ohio Center for Agricultural Research and Development, OSU

OSU South Centers

Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development

Chinese Perch Research Center, (HZAU), China

Freshwater Aquaculture Collaborative Innovation Center of Hubei Province, China

Key Lab of Freshwater Animal Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture, China

Da Bei Nong Aquaculture Science and Technology Group, China

K. C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong

Shanghai Enfomark Co, Ltd