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Ohio State University

John Cardina

Jonathan Fresnedo

Pablo Jourdan

Harold Keener

Fred Michel

Ajay Shah

Oregon State University

Richard Roseberg

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nevin Lawrence

One thought on “Researchers

  1. I am an Associate Professor of Polymer Chemistry currently planning to work on a Project aimed at production of transparent film from cast natural rubber latex for use in value-added products. Traditionally, natural rubber latex, when casted, dry to produce translucent or hazy film in appearance. This phenomenon makes it a big challenge to produce paints with desired colour when natural rubber latex is used as paint binder. The project aims to overcome the translucency. I have recognized your university as suitable to carry out the proposed research because of your research focus and therefore kindly wish to request you to host me as a Fulbright Scholar against 2018/2019 applications. I have a draft of the research proposal that I can send to you on your request.
    Kind regards.

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