For those who do not recognize this character, this is Jake the Dog from the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. This TV show came out around the time I was in 7th grade, and it has been my favorite show ever since. This show was more than just entertainment to me, I recognize this TV show as the start of my “creative side”. What I mean by that is that this show inspired me to create art and stories and helped me embrace my inner self. I credit this show to the strong creative abilities I possess today.


My first semester of college was a first for a lot of things. First time living on my own, first time having to study everyday to pass a class, and my first time reading the Bible and discovering my faith. I have never been a religious person until a new person in my life introduced me to it, and I cannot thank them enough. Discovering my faith has been an awakening experience and I feel as if I am a better person for it.