How to find sources online efficiently

I always find sources on Google Scholar. First I will figure out what the topic is mainly about and then type the keywords on Google scholar. Many results will be showed and I will briefly read through the abstract and find the source I want to use.

Time management

I think time management is very important for online learning students. Unlike the real lecture, online course needs students to learn the subjects by themselves. Like when I first took the online course, I stared to finish my online assignment just 3 hours before the due time. The result is I submitted the late assignment. There are many readings you need to finish to complete this assignment. So, I know time management is crucial. Now, I make a schedule for my online course. Like I will check the to do list on Thursday and figure out what I need to do and then finish the readings. On Friday I will start to do my assignment. In this way, I manage my time very efficiently.

Ways to take notes

I always use Notability to take notes and I think this is a useful app. Sometimes I do the online course reading, I will open this app and write down what important words on it. Also, some online courses provide the video to watch and this app could record the voices so I can collect all the important information on this app. It will be very convenient when I need to review the content of the course.