Join us for the September 4th – Escape to the Forest

From Marne Titchenell, OSU Extension, Wildlife Program Specialist

Join us Friday, September 4th for our webinar on The Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Wildlife.

Registration is available here and at the homepage of the Woodland Stewards website

The climate is changing, and it is impacting forests in many ways. The magnitude of continued accelerated change requires adaptation strategies that aim to maintain healthy and productive forests. As forests are placed under additional stress it is also critical that we consider how wildlife may respond to a shifting climate and important forest habitats that they depend on. For birds, there is a natural ecological link to the importance of trees and forest structure and in many cases, birds are often used as indicators of forest conditions and management goals. Therefore, understanding how bird and tree species habitats may respond to ongoing climate change will be critical to meeting conservation and management goals.

Presenter: Steve Matthews, Associate Professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources

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