From the Paulding County FSA Office – Maps have been mailed

Maps are now available at the Paulding County FSA Office for 2023 acreage reporting purposes. FSA staff have mailed maps to the operator on each farm. If you do not receive your 2023 maps in the mail, please contact our office or email us at

Please see the following acreage reporting deadlines for Paulding County:

  • May 31, 2023: Report nursery crop acreage
  • June 20, 2023: Final date to report prevented plant corn (filing CCC-576 and documentation)
  • July 5, 2023: Final date to report prevented plant soybeans (filing CCC-576 and documentation)
  • July 15, 2023: Final certification date to report burley tobacco; cabbage planted through May 31; corn, grain sorghum, hybrid corn seed, spring oats, potatoes, popcorn, sugar beets, tomatoes, and other crops; perennial forage crops; Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres
  • August 15, 2023: Report cabbage planted June 1 through July 20, 2023

If the crop has not been planted by the acreage reporting date, then the acreage must be reported no later than 15 calendar days after planting is completed.

In order to maintain program eligibility and benefits, producers must timely file acreage reports. Failure to file an acreage report by the crop acreage reporting deadline may result in ineligibility for future program benefits. FSA will not accept acreage reports provided more than a year after the acreage reporting deadline.

Producers are encouraged to return their completed maps to the FSA office ASAP after planting is completed. Please do not delay in returning your completed maps to the office. The FSA office must receive your maps no later than July 1, 2023. After completed maps and all acreage reporting information is received and entered, our office will contact the producer to schedule an appointment to complete and obtain signatures on the Report of Acreage form (FSA-578) and any additional paperwork needed for 2023.

Again, the Paulding office must receive your maps no later than July 1, 2023, to allow our office ample time to input your acreage and schedule an appointment to sign your FSA-578s by the final reporting date of July 15, 2023.

For questions regarding crop certification or to schedule an appointment to report your acres, please contact the Paulding County FSA office at 419-399-3841.

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