Soil Health Tour 2022 Sites Finalized


The 18 in-person and 6 virtual tour stops for the 2022 Soil Health Tour have been finalized and are almost ready to be visited by farmers, conservationists, and soil-lovers around Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Northeast Indiana. The tour officially opens Monday, September 19th at 8AM and closes Wednesday, September 28th at 5PM. A wrap-up event will be held Thursday, September 29th at the Paulding County Extension Office from 6-8PM to close out the tour. Register for the September 29th event at

The flyer with tour site information can be accessed here.

The in-person tour stops are as follows:

  1. Tom Jones – Mercer County, OH
  2. Mercer Landmark – Mercer County, OH
  3. Davis Farms – Auglaize County, OH
  4. Burkholder Healthy Farms – Allen County, OH
  5. Duling Family Farms A – Putnam County, OH
  6. Duling Family Farms B – Putnam County, OH
  7. Leon Klopfenstein – Paulding County, OH
  8. Joe and Pete Woods – Paulding County, OH
  9. Keith Klopfenstein – Paulding County, OH
  10. Oedy Farms – Defiance County, OH
  11. [Hybrid] Defiance Agricultural Research Association (DARA) Site – Defiance County, OH
  12. Ron Snyder – Wood County, OH
  13. Seiler Farms, Inc. – Fulton County, OH
  14. Denny Person – Hillsdale County, MI
  15. Stoney Ridge Farms, LLC – Hillsdale County, MI
  16. Ransom Chicken Lady – Hillsdale County, MI
  17. Roemke Farms A – Allen County, IN
  18. Paulding County Extension Office – Site of wrap-up event on 9/29
  19. Roemke Farms B – Allen County, IN


The virtual tour stops below can be accessed at

  • A. Mike Werling Farm – Adams County, IN
  • B. Carl Renner – Van Wert County, OH
  • C. Leon Klopfenstein – Paulding County, OH
  • D. [Hybrid] Defiance Agricultural Research Association (DARA) Site – Defiance County, OH
  • E. Dewey and Marcia Powers – Steuben County, IN
  • F. Moody Farms – Steuben County, IN

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