OSU Women in Agriculture Goes Virtual at Farm Science Review

Ohio State University (OSU) Extension’s Ohio Women in Agriculture Program announces opportunities to Learn, Grow, Connect, Inspire and Empower at the 2020 Online Farm Science Review!

Are you familiar with one of Ohio’s pioneering women in agriculture and her connection to the Farm Science Review?  As the matriarch of the Farm Science Review, Molly Caren was instrumental in the establishment of the OSU research farm in London, OH. The Molly Caren Agricultural Center plays host to the annual review that attracts over 100,000 visitors each year. As we look at the US Census and NASS (National Agriculture Statistic Service) data, women who own, operate, and produce agricultural products have reached a 1:3 ratio for farmers and ranchers across the country. The same holds true in Ohio with a total number of women farm operators at 43, 256!

Ohio State University Extension’s Ohio Women in Agriculture Program invites all women interested or involved in agriculture to join us around the farm table daily from 11:30 am-12:30 pm for “Kitchen Table Conversations” during the 2020 Virtual Farm Science Review, September 22-24.

Programs will focus on key topics related to health, marketing, finance, legal, and production for women in agriculture.  Each topic will feature a leading expert and moderators to generate dialogue and empower discussion among participants.  A list of daily topics and leaders are provided below.

  • Tuesday, September 22- Women and Land Ownership Tony Nye and Beth Scheckelhoff, OSU Extension Educators, Agriculture, and Natural Resources
  • Wednesday, September 23 – Planning for the Family’s Future Peggy Kirk Hall, Director, OSU Extension’s Agricultural and Natural Resources Law Program
  • Thursday, September 24– Farm Chores for Children Dee Jepsen, State Leader, OSU Extension’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program

All programs are held virtually using the ZOOM platform and require registration.  Interested individuals can register by clicking here. Once registered you will receive connection details to join the program.

Video presentations will be available for viewing at any time of day. Visit our virtual display on the Online Farm Science review site at fsr.osu.edu to see women in cattle, goat, poultry, soap and cheese making, fiber, grain production, meat processing, and more. These ladies are actively leading the way in their given field.

An interactive activity is available for you to “match-up” women who are leaders in various industries in Ohio agriculture. Let’s see how you do! Click here!

For more information and to receive our educational information, program updates, and event notification, subscribe to our blog by visiting https://u.osu.edu/ohwomeninag/  and follow us on social media @ohwomeninag.

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