Message from The Nature Conservancy about a New Program for the Maumee Valley Watershed

From The Nature Conservancy Newsletter
We are looking for a diverse group of farmers; large acreage, small acreage, corn and soy, small grains, livestock, new and experienced who are willing to be trained to reach out and share their knowledge with other farmers.  “This is an opportunity for farmers to take the knowledge they’ve gained on their own farm and make an impact in a larger area.  We want people (farmers) who realize the importance of soil health goes beyond their own farms and who want to see farming be successful.  The future of farming depends on soil health,”  said Stephanie Singer, outreach education specialist at the Western Lake Erie Basin Project Office.  If you are interested in being part of this exciting farmer-led outreach project please complete the online Farmer Advocate for Conservation Application, Click Here!

The Nature Conservancy will work with multiple partners including the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, American Farmland Trust, National Wildlife Federation, and The Ohio State University to train farmers in the Maumee River Watershed to become technical experts and community leaders for sustainable agriculture. The project will train 60 farmers, 20 a year over a 3 year period, in the Maumee River Watershed to engage another 3,000 farmers in education and outreach activities, which may lead to wider adoption of new best management practices aimed at improving soil health and water quality management at the farm level.

“The Nature Conservancy is excited to facilitate the farmer-led program in order to further the advancement of soil health practices that improve water quality, increase farm sustainability, and create a more resilient landscape,” says Singer.  “The benefits of this project include increasing communication among farmers and creating meaningful peer-to-peer networks.  Many farmers are doing the work of improving their soil health and water management and this project will amplify their voices to create local mentors and support resources.”

The application window for the first round of advocate selection is open from the beginning of May till the end of July.  The top 20 candidates will be notified of their acceptance as Farmer Advocates for Conservation in the fall when they will be given a complete schedule of training sessions to begin in January of 2021.  If you have an interest in applying as a Farmer Advocate please complete the online application today.  Click Here!  

You can NOMINATE a farmer you believe would be an excellent candidate with leadership, enthusiasm, and passion for soil health and water quality management as a Farmer Advocate for Conservation, Click Here.

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