Farm Bill Deadlines are approaching

From Paulding County FSA Office

  • 2018 Farm Bill – 2 Programs (ARC/PLC) – 3 Enrollment Options
  • Do not delay further.  Make an ARC/PLC enrollment appointment ASAP.

If a valid 2019 election and enrollment on a farm is not filed by March 16, 2020, the farm will receive default program elections and NO PAYMENTS will be issued for the 2019 program year. The default program election will be the same election in effect for the 2018 program year. The default election will also be applicable for the 2020 program year. Upon the election of PLC, ARC-CO or ARC-IC for 2019, the election becomes irrevocable through 2023. Starting in 2021, the election can be changed annually through 2023. For 2021 through 2023 annual signup will begin October 1 of the applicable fiscal year and close March 15 of that fiscal year. Note: The signup closing date now aligns with the RMA sales closing date.

New in the 2018 Farm Bill: Multiple-year contract enrollment is an option.  Enrollment will roll year to year unless a change occurs.  This option is only available during the 2019 program year enrollment period.

Price Loss Coverage (PLC) – A price protection/income loss option that covers declines in crop prices.

County Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC-CO) – An income support option based on county-level benchmark revenues and guarantees compared to actual revenues.

Individual Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC-IC) –  An option that provides income support through revenue calculations for all of an individual producer’s acreage planted to all covered commodities across all farms enrolled in ARC-IC in the State.

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