Ag District – How do I fill out that application?

I have made my first YouTube video for directions on how to fill out the Ag District application for interested landowners.  The video pertains to how to use the Paulding County Auditor’s office website to find the information needed to correctly fill out the application.  If you own land in other counties in Ohio the applications are similar but the layout of the local auditor’s office may be different.   

The video is located at:   Additionally, I have attached the PowerPoint slides from the video How to fill out the Ag District Application Presentation.

To read the Ohio Revised Code on the Ag District rules please click here: Lawriter – ORC 2019 Ag District Ohio Revised Code

Finally if you would like the PDF Fillable Ag District application the video talks about please feel free to download AG District Initial App Paulding County PDF Fillable. If you need any assistance with the application feel free to contact Angie Stoller at the Paulding County Auditor’s Office at (419)399.8206.

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