What is an Agricultural District

Information taken directly from the Ohio Department of Agriculture website in the Farmland Preservation Division.  This post appeared on June 14, 2018.  

An agricultural district provides protection for farmers from nuisance lawsuits, defer expensive development assessments until the land is changed to a non-agriculture use, and offers state scrutiny of local eminent domain acquisitions in certain cases. Continue reading What is an Agricultural District

Ag District – How do I fill out that application?

I have made my first YouTube video for directions on how to fill out the Ag District application for interested landowners.  The video pertains to how to use the Paulding County Auditor’s office website to find the information needed to correctly fill out the application.  If you own land in other counties in Ohio the applications are similar but the layout of the local auditor’s office may be different.    Continue reading Ag District – How do I fill out that application?

NW Ohio Newsletter

Looking for Agriculture or Horticulture events in NW Ohio ……. pesticide testing, re-certification, agronomy topics, farm management?  Check out the online NW Ohio Newsletter for any of these events.  There is so much more than what is list.  Don’t miss out on these great opportunities.   Follow this link to the newsletter and calendar of events. https://paulding.osu.edu/sites/paulding/files/imce/OSU2019WEB.pdf

How many soybean acres do we need in 2019?

By: Todd HubbsDepartment of Agricultural and Consumer Economics University of Illinois
Previously published by Farmdoc Daily

We have reached the time of the year where speculation about acreage for the 2019 crops begins in earnest. While the

number of acres planted to soybeans appears set to decrease, current projections indicate an intention to plant significantly more acres than necessary to reach break-even prices in Illinois under current consumption and stock level forecasts. Continue reading How many soybean acres do we need in 2019?

Sales To Cooperatives Under The New Tax Law

By: Barry Ward, Director, Ohio State University Income Tax Schools, Leader, Production Business Management

Upon passage and signing of the Tax Cuts Jobs Act in December 2017, Cooperatives suddenly had a decided advantage in buying over “independent” buyers of ag commodities. The new tax law had somewhat inadvertently included a “grain glitch” (which would have affected more than grain sales) that had effectively allowed for a 20% deduction on gross sales which conferred a decided advantage over sales to other non-Cooperatives.These sales to non-Cooperatives would only be allowed the QBID deduction as discussed previously in this article which effectively a 20% deduction on net income from those sales. With much hand wringing and angst in the ag sector, congress finally got around to passing a “fix” to this “glitch.” Continue reading Sales To Cooperatives Under The New Tax Law