Fair Move-In

183 hours until move-in starts for the Paulding County Fair.  This is a very exciting time for all.  As we get closer there are a few items I want to be sure everyone is aware of.

  • Booth set-up will take place next week.  The booths will be set on Monday between 11:30 and 1:30.  I would venture to guess that clubs would be safe to start working on their booths any time beginning Monday late afternoon.  Please remember, we want to see as much of the youth’s work as possible.  Be creative in how you display projects, what the club has done over the year, etc.  Our community has asked for this for a number of years, it is time to give them what they are asking for.
  • Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) – All animals, other than our dogs, must complete a DUNF in order to be on the fairground.  This must be completed before you enter the gate.  A link will be available starting Monday to complete these.  More information will be sent to families who have to do this on Monday.
  • Livestock Move-In is Saturday, June 11th from 8:00 to 11:00 am.  Youth will be able to set up their pens, tack boxes, etc. Friday beginning in the afternoon.  Our Jr. Fairboard members will be assigning stalls and pens that morning.  PEN ASSIGNMENTS ARE FINAL AND NO SWITCHING IS PERMITTED!
  • Paulding County Farm Bureau T-Shirts – The Paulding County Farm Bureau, along with other sponsors, have purchased t-shirts for every 4-H member in Paulding County.  These shirts will be placed in your club booths.  Shirt sizes were based off of the size that was entered into 4-H Online and we DO NOT have extra shirts to make any switches.  We are asking that these shirts be worn on Sunday, June 12th while at the fair.  We will be taking a picture with all of the youth right before the barn meeting that evening.
  • Beck’s Hybrids T-Shirts – Our local Beck’s Hybrids dealers have also sponsored shirts for all youth who are completing a livestock project this year.  These shirts will also be placed in your club booth.  We are asking that this shirt be worn on the Saturday of move-in. 
  • Reminder that ONLY WOOD SHAVINGS can be used for animal bedding during the week of the fair.  The Paulding County Jr. Fairboard will once again be selling bails of shavings during the fair.  To purchase bedding from them, you will need to find a Jr. Fairboard member.
  • Acres of Fun will be back this year.  If you remember, we started this a few years ago with Kahoot! games in the Extension Hall.  We had to take some time off due to the dreaded COVID-19 but are excited to announce that it is back.  We will be doing a lot of fun things and encourage all of you to come and see what is going on.  I will be putting out a schedule next week to let you know what all is going on.  All I can say is, “We are going to have a lot of fun!”

This week and next are two of the busiest weeks for our office.  Please bear with us as we try to put out every little fire, and a few big ones, as we approach the fair.  If you have questions, please get ahold of us.  WE WANT TO HELP YOU!  If you send e-mails, they will be answered but may not be answered right away.  We will do our best to be sure that everyone has what they need.

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