A Record Year for Livestock Sale – Checks Are Coming!

 After a year of uncertainty, the Paulding County Fair had an outstanding week and livestock sale. Junior Fair advisor, Tony Miller was thrilled with the community participation. “It was heartwarming to see the support from local businesses investing in Paulding County youth,” said Miller. Senior Fair Board President, Dan Howell and the Board were pleased with the support of the community during fair week and Livestock Sale. Howell commented “It makes me proud to be a part of a community who is investing in the future of our youth.” 

The Paulding County Jr. Fair Livestock Sale closed with record totals and attendance. Businesses and community members took part in supporting our 4-H and FFA exhibitors by participating at the auction. This year’s sale totaled approximately $297,000, exceeding a prior record of $232,000. Thank you buyers! The youth of our county are appreciative of the support you provide year after year. Livestock exhibitors can expect to see their auction checks in the mail in the coming weeks. 

Many hours go into planning and preparing for the week of fair. The Junior and Senior Fair Boards are already hard at work on the 2022 Paulding County Fair. Let’s look forward to next year’s Paulding County Fair held June 11th through June 18th. 

DUNF (Drug Use Notification Form) for Paulding County

The DUNF forms are n0w available.  This is completed online and can be done on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  If you have questions, please contact Michael.  All animals, other than dogs and those that are coming only for still project judging, must have a DUNF form complete.  You will need to complete one form for EACH ANIMAL.  This process must be complete before you move in on Saturday.  You can show proof of completion by printing off the e-mail you will receive after submitting the form or showing the e-mails on your phone, tablet, or laptop to the Sr. Fairboard representative at the gate.

2021 Paulding County DUNF Form

NPIP Paperwork for Market Chickens

All youth who ordered their Market Chickens through the Extension Office were given the NPIP form when the chickens were picked up.  This form must be turned in at the gate when you move in for the fair.  Not turning in this form will mean that your will have to take your chickens home and will not be able to show or sell them.

Pullorum Test Reminder for Fancy and Exhibition Chickens

This coming Wednesday, June 9th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, we will be holding our Pullorum testing for all Fancy and Exhibition chickens in front of the Extension building.  This test must be completed for all chickens in these classes that you will be showing.  There will be no charge for the testing.  A negative Pullorum test is required to have these chickens on the fairgrounds.  Proof of the negative Pullorum test will be required to be turned in when you pull in for the fair.  Any Fancy or Exhibition Chicken that does not have a negative test will be sent home.  Anyone with conflicts with this date and time must contact Michael to schedule a different date and time for the testing.

Negative Coggins Test Proof for All Horses

All horses that will be shown at the fair must have proof of a negative Coggins test.  Please bring proof of this negative Coggins test with you when you move in.  This will be collected at the gate.  Not having proof of the test will mean that your horse will have to go home and will not be eligible for the shows.

Farm Bureau and Beck’s Shirts

We all want to send an enormous thanks to the Paulding County Farm Bureau and our local Beck’s Seed Dealers for their donations of shirts for all youth completing livestock projects this year.  These shirts will be placed in the club booths the beginning of next week and can be obtained from your club advisors.  We are asking for the Farm Bureau shirts to be worn on Sunday to the Barn Meeting so we can get a group photo of everyone in their shirts.

FYI…we will not be receiving extra shirts to swap out.  The shirt size you put on for 4-H enrollment is the shirt size that was ordered.

Livestock Pull-In and Weigh-In Information

I will be posting a video next week explaining how move-in of livestock will happen.  Please watch for that video.  All livestock must pull-in at the West gate (INCLUDING ALL RABBITS) between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 pm.  If an animal is found to be on the fairgrounds without following this procedure, the animal will not be eligible to be at the fair and will be asked to be removed immediately.

Weigh-in will take place the evening of move-in.  The time may fluctuate based on heat, how fast animals move in, etc.  Please be prepared for weigh-in to start as early as 7:00 pm.  The latest weigh-in will start is 8:00 pm.

Mask Update

The Ohio State University announced that masks are no longer required to be worn for any OSU Extension functions or in any OSU Extension building.  This includes all 4-H events and the county fair.  While the mask mandate has been lifted, individuals who have not been fully vaccinated are strongly recommended to continue to wear a mask.

This means that the choice to wear a mask is up to you and your family.

Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF’s)

Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF’s) are online this year.  On Monday, June 7th these forms will be made available on our newsletter site as well as on our app.  A hard copy of the forms will not be turned in this year.  All animals (excluding dogs and those being judged during still project judging) will have to have a DUNF form complete before you arrive at the fair with your animal(s).  Each animal will be required to have a DUNF form.  You will show proof that your DUNF form has been completed by showing the e-mail confirmation that you will receive by printing off the e-mail(s) or showing the e-mails on your cell phone or other electronic device.

Still Project Judging Schedule Update – Final Revision

The Still Project Judging Schedule has been updated for the final time.  Most times did not change but a few did due to late drops of projects.  Please check the schedule one last time to be sure you have the correct time for your judging on your calendar.  To view the Still Project judging schedule, please visit: 2021 Still Project Judging Schedule.

As a reminder, parents and onlookers will not be permitted in the Youth Leadership Building during judging.  Youth are being asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your judging time.  We will use the front doors of the Youth Leadership building to enter and will exit through the side door that faces the racetrack.  Awards will be given out at the scheduled time under the Senior Pavilion.

Masks will not be required to be worn for judging.  As you see everywhere, masks are strongly recommended for those who have not been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Ohio 4-H Mask Update

This week it was announced that, starting June 2, individuals are not required to wear masks while participating in 4-H activities while outside, including while at fair and 4-H Camp.  Outside is where buildings are open on at least two sides.  This means that the only buildings on the fairgrounds where individuals will continue to be required to wear a mask is in the Extension Building and the Youth Leadership Building.  Bathrooms, other than those in the buildings listed above, on the fairgrounds are not managed by Ohio State University and are not subject to OSU policy.  Also, the Paulding County Fair is not an Extension Activity so OSU Policy does not apply for the fair.

Please keep in mind that with the ever-evolving situation that is COVID-19, these policies could change at any time.  Fortunately, we have seen a decrease in numbers and an increase in vaccinations which have allowed OSU to relax mask mandates.  If cases increase, the university or state may change course in the mask decision.

4-H Camp Registration Now Available

4-H Camp registration is now open.  We will be heading to beautiful 4-H Camp Palmer on Friday, July 9th with move-in starting at 6:00 pm.  We will stay until Monday, July 12th with check-out taking place at 6:00 pm.  The cost to attend 4-H Camp in 2021 is:

  • $155 Regular Camp Fee: (due May 25 – June 25)
  • $175 Non 4-H Member Fee
  • Late Camp Fee: Add additional $25 after June 25
  • Final Registration Deadline: July 1

We have received extremely exciting news with the announcement that we will not be required to wear masks while at 4-H Camp and we are also able to have more youth in a cabin.  Space is still limited though, as we cannot fill camp to full capacity.  Please visit the following link for camp registration information:

Our 2021 Camp Counselors include: Cameron Cox, Maggie Cox, Madison Coyne, Sydney Coyne, Ava Dougal, Haylee Finfrock, Megan Garrity, Christina Graham, Jacob Graham, Shannon Hale, Hailee Huner, Paige Jones, Misti Klopfenstein, Ethan Noggle, Madelyn O’Donnell, Megan O’Donnell, Sydney Reineck, Kirstynn Roddy, Lily Roehrig, Riley Rue, Nyle Stoller, Jacob Stouffer, Grady Vogel, Hailey Weidenhamer, Nathan Wilhelm, and Kathryn Williamson.

Project Completion Requirements Reminder

Questions are starting to come on regarding what needs to be completed for projects.  There are two places to refer to when figuring out what needs to be completed.

The first place is the front of your project book.  In most books, on page 2, you will see a section that discusses what is required.  We also have a project completion and requirements handbook that is published every year.  This handbook can be found by clicking the following link: 2021 Paulding County 4-H Project Completion Requirements

If you still have questions after reviewing both places, please contact Michael.

Fairground Cleanup Days

The Paulding County Senior Fairboard and Paulding County EMA are asking for help on the following two Tuesdays, June 1st and June 8th.  Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves, shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows to help remove weeds around the buildings on the fairgrounds as well as spreading mulch and stone.  Work both nights will start at 5:00 pm.

4-H Club Booth Set-Up

All 4-H Clubs are required to have a booth where all projects are represented at the Paulding County Fair.  For this year, we have asked for the booth decorating to be kept to a minimum with a focus on the work of the club members.  It is also a requirement for all still projects to display their project in their club booth.  We have security cameras that were purchased two years ago to aid in deterring people from messing with projects and booths.

The only items that should not be placed in the club booth are bows, arrows, guns, and robots.  If you are taking any of these projects, you need to be creative in how your represent your work.

Booths can be set-up beginning Monday, July 7th.  All booths must be in place by 4:00 pm Saturday.

Pullorum Testing Date Set

The Ohio Department of Agriculture announced that Pullorum testing on all Exhibition and Breeding Chickens must be conducted in 2021.  This means that, in Paulding County, all of our chickens, other than market chickens that come to the Paulding County Fair, must have a pullorum test complete.  Not having this will mean that your chickens will not be permitted on the fairgrounds.

We will be holding a free Pullorum testing for our non-market chickens on Wednesday, June 9th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.  If this date and time will not work for your family, please contact Michael as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

Paulding County Skillathon – Due May 30

All youth completing a project in the following species areas are required to complete Skillathon:  Beef, Breeding Rabbits, Chickens, Dairy, Dairy Beef, Dogs (who are participating in the dog show), Duck, Geese, Horse, Market Rabbits, Pigeons, Sheep, Swine, and Turkeys.

This year, youth are being tested on their knowledge of the breeds of the animal, the parts of the animal they are raising, as well as the parts of a medication label.

Skillathon is online again in 2021.  To find the Skillathons, click on the following link and select your species from the list:  2021 Paulding County Skillathon

All Skillathons must be completed no later than Sunday, May 30, 2021.  If Skillathon is not complete by this deadline, you will be ineligible to compete at the Paulding County Junior Fair.

Still Project Judging at the Paulding County Fair

Paulding County will be holding in-person still project judging at the fair.  The judging schedule has been out for a while now but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention again.  We will have regulations in place to limit the number of people in the Youth Leadership Building during the Paulding County Fair.  Some expectations to expect for still project judging include:

  • Only the youth who are being judged are permitted to be in the building. Parents, siblings, and other family and friends will be asked to remain outside during judging.
  • At this time, youth will be required to wear their mask while in the Youth Leadership Building only.  This is subject to change as OSU reviews mask orders.
  • Youth will enter the front glass doors of the Youth Leadership Building no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled judging start time. After judging, youth will exit through the green door on the south side of the building.
  • The awards ceremonies will be held under the Senior Pavilion. Because this is an open-air space, we will not have to wear masks and anyone who wants to watch the ceremonies will be able to.  The times for the ceremonies are posted on the still project judging schedule.

To view the still project judging schedule, click: 2021 Still Project Judging Schedule

PAS Entries Due June 1

Entries for the Paulding County and Northwest Ohio PAS Shows are due Tuesday, June 1.  Late entries will not be accepted for any show.

For those unsure of what the PAS Shows are, they are the qualifying shows for the Ohio State Fair Junior Fair Horse Shows.  Youth must qualify in one of these shows in at least 2 classes in order to participate at the state fair.

To register, click: 2021 Paulding County and Northwest Ohio PAS Registration