RSA Conference – the Big, the Bad, and (quite possibly) the Ugly

This week marks the 2014 RSA Security Conference – for those not emersed in all things Security, this conference is probably the biggest in the world, with 300+ sessions and 21 learning tracks and 350 exhibitors, etc, etc.

It will be my first time attending this conference, so I’ll be sharing my insights and reflections as the week progresses.¬† It promises to be interesting:

– The Keynote speakers range from the Head of the FBI, to Stephen Colbert (Security = “truthiness”)

– Some regular presenters are boycotting the conference because EMC, the parent company of RSA, works with the NSA on various cyber intelligence initiatives, which some people are quite upset about

– The Chief Information Security Officer track offers classes titled with alarming¬†adjectives like “survival”, “get no respect” and other things that indicate a lot of doubt and frustration…

– Being Security, topics tend towards the militaristic “Cyber Battlefield: The future of Conflict” or “Foreign Spies and Facebook: The Undeniable Truth” (no one said we weren’t a bit dramatic)

This is a 5 day conference Рso I fully expect my head to explode before the week is out.  I will share all this, this week.

Wish me luck…


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