2014: The Internet of Things

Fridges, Air Conditioners, Home Security Cameras – Oh My!  The media has latched onto the fact that most of the things in our houses can connect to the Internet, and therefore can be comprimised by hackers and other nefarious beings.

Talk about managing by FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).  There is enough of it floating around to keep everyone feeling like a character from “1984”.

The likelihood that a student or teacher at OSU will be hacked via their Fridge is pretty low.  You’re more likely to need to worry about the traditional garage thief, than the garage fridge.

Just like healthcare, taking a few preventative steps can go a long way to improving your Security health:

1. Passwords.  Yes, passwords.  Old news, but still very relevant.  Keep different ones for different accounts, make them relatively hard to guess, and change them frequently.  If you don’t want to do this with ALL your accounts, at LEAST do this for your financial and health-related accounts.

2.  Keep software up-to-date:  Whether it’s your iPhone or your Thermostat, if the vendor gives you a security update, take it.

3.  Physical Security:  Know where the stuff you care about is, who can get to it, and what they do with it.  Don’t leave your phones (or your toasters) lying around if you care when they go missing.

4.  When you’re not using something, shut it off.

Basic information security hygiene, guaranteed to help you lose a few pounds and lower your cholesterol.

Happy New Year!