About Me

I’m Caitlin Patterson, a rising second-year student and Eminence Fellow at The Ohio State Univesity pursuing an Honors Physics major, with some oscillating desire to struggle toward a Mathematics degree. Originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey, she is excited to be in Columbus with its vibrant culture and opportunities.

As a physics major, my main activities include conducting condensed matter research, heinously abusing the word “thus” on math assignments, and obscenely overusing the word “heinous” in daily conversation. In the spring semester of my freshman year, I was lucky to have been able to get involved in Dr. Nandini Trivedi’s group. I have since been pursuing a project which will use statistical mechanics, coding, and quantum condensed matter techniques to explore the interaction between fermions and complex electron structures in solids. On many days, you can find me procrastinating in Smith Laboratory’s physics lounge, attempting to steer the topic of conversation from nihilism and extraneous science to our homework assignment.

In the coming summer, I will continue doing research with Dr. Trivedi and begin volunteering at Star House, a drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness. This will serve to build trust with the organization and serve as a launching pad for a service project combatting technological literacy spearheaded  by my Eminence cohort. In the coming year, I intend to expand my interests by getting involved as an MLSC tutor and potentially as a math and physics instructor for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and by taking more advanced and demanding coursework.

I eventually hope to pursue a doctorate in physics, but am also interested in cybersecurity and mathematics and will be keeping one eye open to the where opportunities in the crossroads of these industries may take me.

Outside of academics, I enjoy doodling, jogging, making poorly-timed jokes, and occasionally giving haircuts.