Maintaining Motivation Blog Post

Motivation is an important thing in life because, it can keep you from not achieving something. I as a student sometime find it difficult to stay motivated through a semester. A lack of motivation can come from a few things sometimes you are tired and don’t have the motivation, sometimes personal life or other obligations can get in the way or simply you don’t like something so that is why you are not motivated. The lack of motivation for me comes when I have to do something that I don’t want to do. That can range from writing a paper in a class that I don’t particularly like or doing the dishes. Whenever I find myself not as motivated in a task that I don’t enjoy but is important I try to talk to my self. I will ask my self some questions like is this important? Why am I not motivated? will I feel good after completing this task? I find that asking these questions I get the motivation to complete the task. This modules taught me a few more things about motivation like what is intrinsic motivation vs. extrinsic motivation. I feel that intrinsic motivation is more important because, material things will decrease in value but your interest in something will not change.

Searching and Researching Blog Post

Searching and researching is an important topic especially in because, students are required to write a lot of papers and without good research usually the paper is bad. That being said writing in general is also an important that should be talked about more. I always knew that a thesis is important but I never thought of it as an attention grabber. If you write a really boring thesis statement and an opening the reader will probably not read the rest of the article or blog post or anything that you are writing. It’s important if you are writing a research paper that you represent the a-posing arguments in an honest way. This is really important that you do this because, in order to make the reader believe you is in being honest. If the people reading it see that you are not representing the opposite well that might not believe that you have to say. learned that it’s important to narrow down the topic because, the point of the paper gets lost. If the reader reads the paper is not satisfied it could be that the paper was too broad and nothing specific was said. In conclusion this was a really informative topic and I learned a lot.

Assignment: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Blog Post

This module was helpful because, it made me realize what I was doing correctly and not doing correctly. I don’t think I actively listen very well. I do however do some of the things that in active listening which is summarize what I hear. That is about the only thing that I do well when it comes to active listening I don’t try to predict what will come next or listen to patterns. I think that I should start do implement listening to patters and predictions because, it will make me a better listener and a better note taker. I don’t really have a good organization method for my online notes that I take. This is why I will try one of the three apps mentioned in the slide. I have heard Evernote is really good from other students that are high performers. I think being organized will save me time and energy in the long run. I will spend less time looking for notes that I took on my laptop and more time studying. This module was great because, I learned that I need to work on active listening and I need to get more organized in my school life.

Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies Blog Post

There are a few things that I found really useful in this module in particular in my personal note taking style. I also found out a new way to study in my research this week that I want to share. First, I didn’t realize that I was mindlessly highlighting all over my book until this week. I went back and checked my old books and found that I was highlighting things that didn’t matter or things that I already knew. I also found that I tend to go on my social media most when I sit down to study and school work. Sometimes I have a lot of assignments and I tend to work on all of them at the same times instead to taking care of one at a time. In doing so usually lowed my quality of work because, I am not giving a 100%  in any assignment. The last thing that I found randomly was that in order to study effectively the only was is to test yourself. Testing yourself is a better learning strategy than taking notes and rereading them a bunch of times and trying to memorize them. These are all the new things that I have learned this week.

Efficiency in the Digital Age Blog Post

This module was really useful for me because, I picked up lots of different things that I can try and reduce my procrastination and stay more focused. I plan to use something called the 10 minute rule in order to reduce procrastination and get work done. The 10 minute rule says that in order to make a task more appealing you have to break it down to a really small chunk. If you want to read for 30 minutes a day that might fell like a really hard thing to do but, if you broke that 30 minutes into 10 minutes chunks that it more appealing. When I become, busy I sometimes forget to study so, I will use the reminder app on my phone to remind me to study. The last thing that I will use is the website blocker to make my self more focused in what i’m doing. Getting distracted is easy on the computer because, all of my social media is on there as well as my academics. I will use solfcontrol for mac to make my self stay focused because, the app will block websites like twitter, youtube, Netflix, and so on. I think having all of these tools will make me a better student and make me more focused.

Module 2: Communication and Collaboration

Communication is a key skill I believe that everyone should have in college and in module 2 I learned many tips in communicating with my instructor and the internet as a whole. Communication a lead to good and bad things if you communicate your thoughts clearly it can lead to clarity on something but if you communicate something badly it can lead to total confusing. Slide 2 talks about Netiquette it is important that you understand as the user can leave harm your reputation if you are not careful about how you behave. Many jobs that you might apply for will check your online presence and if they decide that they don’t like it they will not hire you. If you have a bad online presence the companies sees you as a liability. It important for students to recognize how important emailing you instructor is. Communicating with the instructor the correct way can be very useful. It’s important that the emails that you send don’t look sloppy or unprofessional because, you are not communicating with a friend it an instructor. It’s important that when replaying to an email that you proof read it first before sending it. This can really leave a bad impression on the instructor. Proof reading showed that you care about how you come off and take time in communicating properly.