The GOALS are an incredible way for students like me to get involved with the university in ways that are not only academic based. Global awareness, G, will allow me to understand the value in different cultures and how not only is it important to understand how others beliefs and ways of life differ from ours, but also except these differences. Leadership, to me, is also a very important characteristic to build, especially being a student that is headed in the general medicine route. Not only is this a great way to build communication skills, but it allows for me to place myself in a position where I can take charge and work through obstacles.


As one of the students of the Biomedical Sciences Major, I plan on pursuing an M.D. in the future and attending Med School to work in Internal Medicine. In order to achieve this long term goal, I have set some short term goals such as hopefully joining a research laboratory and working with a PI doctor of my choosing. I also plan on volunteering at the James Cancer research center to expand my skills and gain more experience in a medical center aside from the Kadlec Regional Medical Internship that I did in high school.Manasi Resume BMS


In my freshman year of High School, I joined International Club. I enjoyed learning about other cultures so much that I ran for president and held that leadership role for the next three years. I took charge of the international students, not just as president of the club, but I genuinely wanted them to feel integrated and accustomed to the school and in order to familiarize them more with the American culture, I began organizing events where we would go ice skating, roller skating, and even bowling. Before our first football game, I got 10 of the varsity football players to come in during one of the club meetings after school to teach the international students how to play American football and then later go down to the field and physically play tag football. They had so much fun that they organized their own event to teach the American students in International club how to play rugby, the same way we had done football. It was so interesting to learn about how their normal differed from ours and to see where there was common ground between these different cultures as well. I was incredibly proud of how far the club had come from freshman year to my senior year and the involvement with each of the students.

I attended the Life Beyond Degree event in which I had the chance to speak and connect with alumni from various pre-med and med programs. They called this “speed dating” and they each shared how they got to where they are now and what obstacles they encountered as well as how they over came those obstacles.

About Me

I’m a freshman in the Biomedical Sciences major on the Pre-Med track. My interest in Medicine first sparked when my father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and ever since then I have become very intrigued with Cancer Biology Research. I’ve confirmed my passion for medicine through multiple internships and came to the realization that helping others is something I want to continue to do through my career. Whether that is working in a hospital, in a laboratory, or in internal medicine, I believe this major, along with the biological sciences scholars program that I am apart of, will benefit me and allow me the experience and knowledge to choose which path in medicine I want to pursue.

Aside from my academic goals, my life goals consists of a bucket list that I constructed at the age 13 which includes things like  skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, zip lining, shark swimming, and white water rafting; some of which I have crossed off already.