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Richa Patel is a first year student from Cincinnati, OH, majoring in Biology and on the pre-med track. Her future plans include going to medical school and becoming a pediatrician. Richa is a first generation college student and this motivates her to be as involved as possible. In high school, she was involved with many extracurricular activities ranging from key club and student council to tennis. Richa also was apart of many clubs such as Children for Change and ACT crash course. These clubs focused on helping peers and students within the community which is what she loved. At Ohio State, Richa is apart of the Mount Leadership scholars program, and hopes to get involved with student government and other organizations. She is passionate about helping others, especially those who are under serviced. Richa also enjoys traveling and experiencing the different cultures and ideas various countries hold. Motivated by this, she hopes to study abroad while at Ohio State. When not in class, Richa enjoys reading, watching sports, and cooking. Contact Richa with any questions.

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