Artifact 2

This picture was from Mount Summit. Mount summit was an amazing experience and truly different from anything I have experienced before. The attire was business professional and this added to the whole experience and professional atmosphere at Mount Summit. The individual events that we signed up for ranged widely in content and choosing only two events was fairly difficult. However, I was pleased with the two I ended up choosing. The two events gave me great insight on myself and my fellow mounties as well as the issues they addressed. One of the best parts of Mount Summit was being paired with random second years and random post mounts. This allowed me to meet even more fellow mounties and connect with people who I was not familiar with before. Mount Summit allowed me to meet so many mounties outside of my class and enlighten me about social issues we all face. I am so thankful for this experience.


I hope to accomplish much by the end of this academic year. I hope to become more aware of my peers and appreciate their diversity. Each individual has unique differences and I hope to better understand these differences. I hope to gain research under a professor to further my learnings in class. I hope to take the information I learn and expand on it outside of the classroom, perhaps in a lab setting. I hope to continue challenging myself both in the classroom and outside. I strive to achieve greatness through academics but also through personality.  I hope to continue strengthening my leadership skills in the classroom as well as in society. Helping be a leader and guiding those around me on my campus can help set me up for future leadership roles. Lastly, I hope to serve my community even more. Active service is a large part of my life but I strive to make it an even bigger part and continue positively impacting those around me.



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Calculus 1156. I never thought these words would hold such an important meaning to me. However, after only one midterm and a few weeks of calculus, I know this semester is going to be a journey. Before college, schoolwork was never an issue for me. Basing my experience off of high school, I assumed college would not be much different. However, I realized this was not the case as I go through calculus. Having information come to me “naturally” is not a concept anymore and no longer is not studying an option. This class especially holds meaning for me because it truly established the changes I would need to adapt in college. I was surprised by the amount of time and effort I have to put into understanding the concepts in this class. Calculus has not only taught me the mathematical concepts but also the importance of preparation and commitment. Lot’s of preparation is required in this class and I am slowly learning to become better at it. Also, daily commitment to studying, completing homework, ad knowing when to ask for help has taught me the importance of being committed. These are ideas and concepts that I am able to apply to other classes I am currently in as well as whats in my future.

About Me

Richa Patel is a first year student from Cincinnati, OH, majoring in Biology and on the pre-med track. Her future plans include going to medical school and becoming a pediatrician. Richa is a first generation college student and this motivates her to be as involved as possible. In high school, she was involved with many extracurricular activities ranging from key club and student council to tennis. Richa also was apart of many clubs such as Children for Change and ACT crash course. These clubs focused on helping peers and students within the community which is what she loved. At Ohio State, Richa is apart of the Mount Leadership scholars program, and hopes to get involved with student government and other organizations. She is passionate about helping others, especially those who are under serviced. Richa also enjoys traveling and experiencing the different cultures and ideas various countries hold. Motivated by this, she hopes to study abroad while at Ohio State. When not in class, Richa enjoys reading, watching sports, and cooking. Contact Richa with any questions.

Year in Review

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