Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Hello!  My name is Sunny Patel and I am a freshman in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program at The Ohio State University. I am currently majoring in Biology. I would like to take the time to welcome you to my Honors and Scholars e-Portfolio. Feel free to search around and see what I have been up to on campus.

End Of Semester Review

My first semester at the Ohio State University has been quite an experience. Before this semester had started, I was completely nervous about college and was concerned about fitting in and making friends. The activities and meetings in scholars helped accustom me to college life and connect me with the friends I have today. Biological Scholars has most definitely helped me appreciate all of the resources this university has to offer, and the various speakers in scholars seminar taught me how to befriend my professors. Scholars  has also given me a jump-start to my professional career by developing an online e-portfolio as well as my resume.


The mission of Honors & Scholars is for the students to get interact with the G.O.A.L.S. The G is for global awareness which allows an individual to get an understanding of other cultures and backgrounds. During my junior or senior year, I plan to study abroad for a semester in a foreign country. The O stands for ordinal inquiry which is when students will be engaging with research and projects with the university. My current Mol Gen class allows me to connect with the various faculty on campus performing research. The A stands for academic enrichment. The difficult classes at OSU will help contour the student to solve complex outside the classroom. The chemistry courses here at OSU will definitely prepare me for medical school. The L is for leadership which demonstrates that students will develop leadership skills in the classroom that they can apply to their communities. One way I plan to develop my leadership is to hold key membership positions in clubs and student organizations. Last, the S stands for service engagement. Performing service activities builds character and more importantly gives back to the community. I have been involved with campus wide clean-ups which is important for the environment.


Bio 2 Lab 1 Report-1msl70a

During my junior year of high school, I was dual enrolled at the University of Rio Grande. In my biology II class, we were instructed to conduct a scientific experiment of our choosing. I decided to observe the the effects of acidic vermiculite on the growth of radish plants. This experiment taught me how to properly conduct out an experiment and correlate that information to the outside world. This experience will assist me in conducting my own research at the Ohio State University. Ultimately, this will help me get into medical school.

About Me

Hello! My name is Sunny Patel. I’m a first year pre-med student at the Ohio State University. My hometown is located in Gallipolis Ohio, a small town located alongside the Ohio River. I am pursuing a bachelors degree in biology with a psychology minor. Both biology and psychology have always been a prevalent interest of mine. I definitely hope to get involved with a few of the numerous undergraduate research opportunities here. In the foreseeable future, I want to accomplish my dream of becoming a doctor.