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Dr. Pasque is / I am Professor of Educational Studies in the HESA program, Director of the QualLab and Director of Qualitative Methods in the Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ORIC), College of Education and Human Ecology. In addition, I am editor of one of the leading research journals in the field, The Review of Higher Education (with Dr. Thomas F. Nelson Laird), which is the primary journal for the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Learn more about me on my bio page here.

My research focuses on complexities in qualitative inquiry, including critical advocacy research, in/equities in higher education, and dis/connections between higher education and society. I work with qualitative methodologies as well as study qualitative (non)methodologies and methods that work toward social justice and educational equity. I started out with a focus in higher education organizational research – and have expanded my research agenda over the years to include the study of and use of (post)qualitative inquiry in and beyond the field. Learn more about my scholarship here

In addition to directing Qualitative Methods for the College of Education and Human Ecology and directing the college’s QualLab, I also teach qualitative research methods. I serve as the Department of Educational Studies’ ESQUAL program coordinator with information on the curriculum here. My goal is to elevate / strengthen the college’s qualitative capacities. Learn more about my teaching here.

I also advise master’s and doctoral students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program in the Department of Educational Studies. I’m an ACPA Diamond Honoree (award) and an ACPA Senior Scholar (award & elected for 4 years of service) – HUGE honors in the field! If you are a current advisee or are interested in working with me, you can find more information and resources here.

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