Qualitative Research during/post Covid-19

Are you interested in thinking about how your research design may change in the face of Covid-19 and beyond? What about considerations of in/equity and social justice within and throughout your research project? Want to see videos of how to get qualitative grants (yep – it happens!) or how to use qualitative software?

Look for upcoming events including ESQUAL 2020-2021 courses, QUAL-LAB Lunches, Advanced Methods Institute and beyond. For info see the QUAL-LAB website.

Amazon Author Page

I just created my amazon author page. Who knew that was a thing? Not me until an @ACPA Senior Scholar mentioned it!
ACPA & Senior Scholars were in Nashville at our annual convention. Our attendees and OSU people are okay, but many lost their lives. I hope you consider giving to the Red Cross, or an agency to help out.

Here is the Amazon Author Page link:


Advanced Methods Institute #AMI2020

I arrived at OSU 9/1/19 and soon after took up the role of organizing the first annual AMI conference on Culturally Relevant Research. If I’m coordinating, then THIS is fab group of presenters that I’d love to hang with – and introduce to faculty colleagues/participants across the US, Canada and UK (and growing).

I hope you’ll come join us. There are limited spots and we opened up more spots at the Columbus Convention Center. Check out presenters, OSU faculty / book authors, vendors and more.

Hope to see you there!