2020 PFP Presentations

Welcome to the 2020 Partner for Promotion Presentations. Click on the links below to learn about the individual projects and watch a video showcasing their work.

CVS in Target

Karl Singer and Joseph Villari
Preceptor: Stephanie Theurich
Resident Mentor: Kristen Merz

Powell Pharmacy

Alisha Bias and Andrew Myers
Preceptor: Emlah Tubuo and Brianne Porter

Riverside Methodist Hospital

Xunjie Tracy Zhang
Preceptor: Jordan DeWitt
Resident Mentor: Teagan Vaughn

Parters for Kids

Tajesh Patel and Virgil Vulvara
Preceptor: Brigid Groves
Resident Mentor: Ronni Ehlers

Kroger, Morse Road

Serina Saleh and Zeina Hidmi
Preceptor: Joey Snowdon
Resident Mentor: Brooke Taylor

Kroger, Refugee Road

Ranelle Coffman and Burgandy Staley
Preceptor: Mike Ryan
Resident Mentor: Shibu Varughese and Ariel McDuffie