Connecting New World With Europe

Finally, Columbus’s achievements include his success in connecting the New World with Europe. This connection allowed for the rapid development of the New World because it had the support of the already developed and prosperous nations in Europe. Although this connection between Europe and the New World benefitted the nation as a whole, it didn’t benefit the people that inhabited the land. The Columbian Exchange–a name given to the exchange of items between the New World and the Old World–benefitted Europe but it was detrimental for the Natives. The spread of germs and diseases wiped out populations, causing life-long problems for them. Additionally, the Natives were maltreated and forced into slavery. Even though it is seen as a good thing that Europe and the New World were connected after Columbus reached land, the efforts to get there do not justify the end result. Staff. “Columbus Controversy.”, A+E Networks, 2009, Accessed 30 Sept. 2017.