About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Alec and I am a junior at Ohio State studying anthropology, with an interest in culture. The intention of this site is to digitally collect my progress through the course ESLTECH 2011 Keys to Online Success.

I am from Waverly, Ohio, a small town in southern Ohio between Chillicothe and Portsmouth.

I am interested in language learning am am currently learning Swahili. Recently, I hopped on my first plane and traveled to the country of Uganda to study and then went to China to teach English through the American Cultural Ambassadors Program. This summer I will be traveling to Tanzania, hoping to get involved with a water project, and studying the language of Swahili. I hadn’t really traveled prior to, but utilized scholarships from the Office of International Affairs, and an outside expenses paid program. If you are interested in traveling, please research different financial options! They are out there!

I am trying to better myself as a student in terms of organization and procrastination and have made a lot of progress. It can take a lot of work, but the progress I have seen has been making it worth it!

Enjoy the site!