Main Takeaways from Class

This class has provided a learning opportunity to better understand the learning process in the online format. Many problems that students face have been discussed and elaborated on with strategies. We have learned to become better and more effective communicators in the online setting, and have explored and experienced the validity of the online class format. Many of these skills are transferable in different class settings.

If there is a problem, there may be a solution:

  • Many common problems were discussed in ESLTECH 2011, including the commonly identified attribute of procrastination. For example, one strategy for procrastination may be setting internal deadlines. If someone feels they work better under pressure, then they can set several deadlines for segments of their assignment. If they follow these deadlines then they will have several deadlines to work toward. The pressure may still be there, but the assignment is getting completed little by little and not all at once. I feel the biggest and most interactive assignment was the group project, where common problems were explained and avoided and tackled throughout the project. I will take these skills in future group assignments.

Communicate, communicate, communicate:

  • Communication is extremely beneficial. Utilizing online forums, discussions, messaging your instructor, or even classmates with questions or concerns, or to communicate about a project, is beneficial to your class success. While I haven’t met face to face, I have interacted with several classmates and the instructor. There was more interaction in this class then in some in-person classes. Though, it might take effort in either format, it may be worth it! Communicating effectively in the group project equated to a successful and stress free project.

The online format is a valid learning tool / skills can also translate to in-person classes:

  • For many, the online learning format may come with skepticism. Some may find it difficult to navigate, or may deem it less worthy than an in-person class due to the perceived lack of interaction or the necessity to self regulate one’s own learning. However, the online format may provide interaction if you are willing to take the extra step, and self regulation can even be beneficial. You have the option to manage your time on a busy schedule, and though problems may arise, there are strategies to mitigate them. I have found that this class has offered just as much if not more that many of the in person classes that I have been enrolled in, and the skills learned can translate to different class formats.

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