Reflection About New Learning Strategies

Reflection 1:

        This week’s lecture is one of the most relatable lessons in my life. We are the millennials and as the millennials we are very dependent on electronics. The use of electronics has become very prevalent in schools in the United States. The homework is online, the exam can be online, and even notes are now being taken on electronics. Not just college but middle school and high schools. Because of this it has made me realize that I have to be efficient as I can when doing school and working with electronics. You have to have specific strategies and tools that work the best for you. Ever since college I have always been a typer more than a writer. I loved taking notes on computers because I felt more organized and I thought it was easier, so it worked the best for me. The first strategy of abbreviating was the best and most efficient way of taking notes in class. The professor has over 200 kids sometimes in lectures so why would they wait for you? The key that I learned was not to write down every single word the professor said but to just get the key points down and then get the details on it later. I definitely struggled with this at times because it was hard to know what details and topics were important enough to write down and what were junk. The use of OneNote was very helpful because you can color code and make to do lists. I practiced more and more through the use of reading the slides posted before and determining the areas I already knew and the areas I needed help on later on.


3 Takeaways

  1. Set Small goals to measure progress
  2. Understand your specific learning style
    1. kinesthetic
    2. auditory
    3. visual
  3. Use online tools: communication, time management and organization

New Technologies

Time management Tools


  • Amazing virtual week calendar
  • Can set due dates and COLOR CODE
  • Three lists include: to do, in progress, already finished

Note-taking Tools


  • simple to use
  • color code
  • save pictures/recordings
  • saves automatically
  • Lists/to-do’s

Communication Tools

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Handout
  • GroupMe
  • FaceTime

Storage Tools

  • google docs
  • buckeye box