The artifact represented in this image is a boot used to treat stress fractures. I have worn this boot on multiple occasions where I have had a stress fracture. It is important to me as it has been critical in my physical healing for each injury I have had as well as it symbolizes my strength while I have been hurt. I remained strong while I was in both physical pain and emotional pain as I had something I love and am passionate about; running, taken away from me. I learned many things about persistence, human anatomy, and physical therapy while wearing this boot. I went to therapy on/off for about 4 years. My time I spent in physical therapy made me realize being a physical therapist was exactly what I wanted to do as a career. For my next steps, this means pursuing an education that puts me on track to become a physical therapist. My current plans are to complete my undergraduate education with a psychology degree and be prepared to start graduate school for physical therapy. This artifact represents where I want to go in my future and how I want to help people struggling and in pain.