Year in Review

I have evolved in many ways in the past year as both a student and a person. My involvement in the club A Moment of Magic has had very large impacts on me. I have spent a great deal of time volunteering and working with underprivileged and terminally ill children. I have grown in my humility, appreciation for what I have, and ability to help those in need. I have learned a great deal about being a role model and leader for those in great need. Additionally, I have learned a great deal about myself as a student. I have learned the significant value in effort and using your resources. Specifically in my second semester, I utilized my available office hours and tutoring centers as much as possible. I learned how to better balance my academics with my mental and physical health. I learned that taking care of my health is essential for academic success. I will take what I have learned throughout this year to continue to evolve and grow as a person and as a student.

Go bucks!

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