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My name is Marissa Pannett, and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University. I am from Hilliard, Ohio, so I have grown up around Columbus for my entire life. I am majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a pre-dentistry track. Ever since middle school, I have had a strong desire to pursue a profession in the medical field, because I love hands on learning and challenging myself. I want to enter a field that I know will give me the opportunity to grow each and every day, and will also allow me to help people, because that is something that I have always been passionate about doing. My goal is to one day, own my own practice as a dentist or orthodontist. I decided to come to Ohio State because of the several unique opportunities that I felt it would give me. In the summer before my junior year in high school, I attended a one week summer camp called “Pills, Potions, and Poisons” at OSU. This camp was put on by the College of Pharmacy, and there were also students who helped the camp to run smoothly who were in the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) program. I really enjoyed all of the fascinating labs that we got to do, like putting fruit flies to sleep, and the information we were, taught such as how drugs travel and target sites throughout the body. At the end of the week, we were introduced to the BSPS program, during which we were told that this undergraduate program would be suiting for any type of graduate school pertaining to the health field. I got really excited about this program and honestly had my heart set on going to OSU and applying for this program since then. I just didn’t feel like any program at other colleges I visited were quite like the BSPS program. On top of this, I was introduced to the Health Sciences Scholars program, which i felt like would be perfect for me because I had always been passionate about going into medicine, but wasn’t 100% sure which exact profession. I felt like the combination of the BSPS program and the HSS program at Ohio State would give me the experience and exposure I would need to not only be successful in my undergraduate years, but prepare me to discover and excel in the career that I choose.

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