Year in Review

Last year, I was highly active in clubs such as Drug-Free Seniors for elementary kids, NHS, STEM, and sports such as playing Varsity soccer. Moreover, I was genuinely into hospital volunteering and volunteering in a hotel/gas station. However, I felt that the area I lived in was restricted in terms of making a difference beyond the community. I was simply doing homework, getting good grades, and volunteering for a three to four hours a week, and enjoying senior year. There was no abroad programs or going county to county in order to fully contribute to society. In a sense, it was a bit dull. Just from my time spent here at The Ohio State University, I felt there was more activities and more impactful things to do on a bigger scale compared to where I live. As a person, I feel more inspired and more determined to commit to my goals. The academics are harder, but the change in environment and the amount of people I met from various places along with the multiple opportunities to make a difference outside the community is refreshing and motivates me more to excel in my pre-med path to become a doctor.


  • Global Awareness: Currently, I am committed to MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education, Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere) and Camp Kesem, an organization that supports for those ages 6-18 whose parents have cancer.


  • Original Inquiry: During my senior year, I won a cash award and an excellence certificate from the Charles River Laboratory for my research paper and presentation about Turmeric’s effect with mediums of differing pHs on Streptococcus bacteria at the Ashland Science Fair. In the future, I am hoping to do some lung-related such as lung cancer or heart-related research with a research faculty or a professor. Moreover, I also hope to independently expand my research topic with turmeric I did in high school and receive a publication on it. 


  • Academic Enrichment: As a freshman, I am Biology Major in Organic Chemistry (2510), Biology (1113), Philosophy (1100), and Medical Terminology (2500) with two survey classes: Biological Scholars Survey and ASC (Arts and Science College)  Survey. In the future, I am planning to minor in Philosophy and graduate in three years to go to Med School.


  • Leadership Development: Currently, I am a committee member of OOT (Outreach, Operations, CITeens) in Camp Kesem where I do camp planning (e.g. camp games and activities), family/camper relations, fall & spring reunion planning, planning Teen camp. In the future, I hope to partake in a leadership role in Camp Kesem by being the head councilman in the committee. Additionally, I hope to be a captain of my own team in Intramural Volleyball and Soccer.


  • Service Engagement: During move-in day, I was part of OWL program where I volunteered to assist parents and other freshman like me to move in their belongings. In the future, I am hoping to be in OWL and attain a an OWL leadership role in order to meet new people. Moreover, I am also hoping to volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center Hospital and help out patients just like I did in high school with the OhioHealth organization in Mansfield.




Lay Pandya
1054 Crestfield St. Apt. A8 Ontario, OH 44906*​​* 419-632-2917



The Ohio State University                                                                                              Columbus, Ohio

Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology                                                                        Expected May 2021

Biological Science Scholar



  • Organic Chemistry 2510                                                    – Calculus III
  • Biology 1113                                                                      – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology


RELEVANT SKILLS                                                                                    

  • Well-versed in computer data entry and general softwares such as Excel and Word
  • Autoclaving
  • Preparing growth medias such as PIA (Pseudomonas Isolation Agar) for certain bacterial species
  • Performed bacterial experiments
  • Determined synthetically useful products from certain reactions and determining the products of those reactions
  • Microscopy
  • Charted hospital patients
  • Can comprehend medical terminology and relay to patients in layman terms
  • Ability to construct scientific papers



  • Won a cash award from the Charles River Laboratory for my research paper and presentation  about Turmeric’s effect with ingestible mediums of differing pHs at Ashland Science Fair, earned an excellence certificate for the project and scientific paper
  • Currently in a microbiology research lab for Cystic Fibrosis and studying the nature of the bacterial species (Pseudomonas aeroginosa and Staphylococcus aureus) that constitutes the disease and mechanisms of possible prevention


OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital— Teen Volunteer

June 2016 – August 2016; June 2017- August 2017

  • Achieved 100+ hours while assisting medical staff in various departments such as radiology, short-term care unit, physical therapy, catheterization laboratory; provided service by transporting, socializing, delivering medicine, and other such tasks for multiple patients. Additionally, I charted patients every hour on computer as per hospital guidelines.


  • Camp Kesem: Part of the OOT (Outreach, Operations, CITeens) committee for camp planning (e.g. camp games and activities), fundraising $500 dollars for kids whose parents have cancer, family/camper relations, and fall & spring reunion planning.
  • OWL program: Assist parents and other students with move in day
  • MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education, Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere) club
  • Intramural Soccer


Barrett Scholars Study Session: A very good way to socialize and discusses content about classes and expand on our understanding. It represents a source of unity and sense of belonging to know that everyone is experiencing the same pressure, work, and mindset no matter how different our classes are from each other.

Soccer/Gym: Not everyone can be a professional athlete like Ronaldo or Messi, but blowing off some steam especially after midterms can be beneficially both physically and mentally. Whether it is training in the gym for the intramural games or simply playing pick-up, it is a great way to truly relax and refresh your mind. In short, physical exercise represents a form of meditation and a great stress-reliever.

Hospital Volunteering:  Some days might be ridiculously busy whereas others are somewhat tranquil, but that’s what made the hospital environment so unique. Perhaps the sanitized smell was somewhat revolting after you just ate breakfast at home, but the liveliness of the place definitely makes up for it.  Each week, as I walked through the automatic doors, I was assigned to a new different department. Whether you were in radiology or in the cath lab or in nursing, you always learned something remarkable. The staff answered my nonstop questions about the different machines and equipment they utilize. Of course I didn’t only ask questions. There were tasks that I had to fulfill such as delivering supplies to the staff, giving blankets to patients, and transporting patients on a wheelchair so they can go home. You may be wondering on why I would be committed to some tedious hospital chores?  Although it may sound cringy or cliche, I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I see a patient’s or a personnel’s smile after I completed something for them. It felt different compared to achieving a good grade on a test or scoring a goal in a major game. Don’t get me wrong, accomplishing those two said things is amazing. But in this case I was making more of a difference for someone else rather than me. And that awareness was irrefutably something significant.


About Me: Lay Pandya

Hi! My name is Lay Pandya and I am a Biology Major who has a strong desire to be a doctor. Although I am an undergrad, I am hoping to graduate in three years and aim to get admission to The Ohio State medical school. I am currently taking organic chemistry, biology, philosophy, medical terminology class as well as a survey class. As for extracurriculars and clubs, I plan to play intramural soccer and indoor volleyball, volunteer at MEDLIFE, Camp Kesem, and Wexner Medical hospital. Additionally, I am hoping to get involved with research; more specifically, with cancer since Ohio State is a world renowned research university.