Toxicology Homepage

The purpose of this site to help spread useful information about toxicologic principles! My aim has been to make the blog posts as intellectual as possible while still being fun and interesting.

My first choice in blog was Benzimidazole. I choose this because in the veterinary profession, we use -azoles for a myriad of different ailments and I wanted to learn more!

My next post was Selenium! I chose this because in knew from my veterinary classes that deficiencies in selenium in feed or the soil can cause morbidity and morality in animals.

My third post was propylene glycol. I chose this solvent as I was able to help my father with a workers compensation case he is working on while involved propylene glycol.

My last post was on the Coastal Taipan. I have had a huge interest in snakes since I was a child and this was an incredibly easy choice of blog for me! I really enjoyed making it.

I hope you enjoy my site,