Keys to Sucessful Online Learning

I have learned a lot in this class and there are things that I will use during future online classes. I have learned about many different apps and websites to use to keep track of my assignments and to put time aside to study for my exams and quizzes. Two of the websites or apps are called Trello and Study Scheduler. I talk more about these two things in my page about learning techniques. Another thing I learned that I will take with me through the rest of my classes and even after I graduate are SMART goals. SMART goals help set goals and breakdown big goals into smaller goals, I go more in to detail about advantages and disadvantages in my page about learning techniques. Lastly I learned how to collaborate with my peers when learning at a distance. Learning this will help me in the future when I have to do group projects in my online classes and if I have to teach an online class in the future it will help me set my students up for success. This class has taught me so much and I will take everything I learned to help me with future online classes or any of my classes in general. Also, this class will help me in my future career of being a teacher.