Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge 2017 Rules: Rules Provided by ASCE/AISC

Important Updates from Mailer III

–Steel Bridge Unloading and Practice Builds–

As referenced in the schedule steel bridge drop off times will be offered two periods on Thursday or Friday. Times for schools are not assigned. As mentioned in last year’s mailer, Practice builds are NOT allowed in the hotel area. Schools will need to coordinate their own location if a practice build is desired. More information can be found in the directions section for unloading.

Bridge Drop-Off Times and Information:

Thursday (3-5pm) Bridge Drop Off

Friday (12-5pm) Bridge Drop Off



PAST Foundation Center

1003 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212


Important Notes:

Enter the facility through door 1 & follow instructions of facility faculty.

Deliver Bridge in components – DO NOT BRING CONSTRUCTED

Bridge Order:

2017 OVSC Bridge Order-26vdde0