Maps & Directions

UPDATED Maps and directions to important locations for the OVSC conference can be found listed below.


Parking & Directions Information
Weekend Trailer Parking Available (Thursday-Sunday)

Parking for trailers is offered for the weekend.
Trailers can be parked in Carmack 5 lot located on Ohio State West Campus.
No permits will be necessary as lot is not enforced.
***Please park in rear of lot as seen in yellow box as this will be unreinforced ticketing section.

Directions To Carmack 5 From Renaissance Hotel

Directions for Concrete Canoe at Anderson Batch Plant

*** Trailer parking will have to be changed due to active wash station operation. Information will be

updated shortly

Steel Bridge at PAST Foundation Building

Bridge Drop-Off Times and Information:

Thursday (3-5pm) Bridge Drop Off

Friday (12-5pm) Bridge Drop Off

Important Notes:

Enter the facility through door 1 & follow instructions of facility faculty.

Deliver Bridge in components – DO NOT BRING CONSTRUCTED

Ohio State Campus Parking

Parking for McPherson, Hitchcock, Oval access

See Stars on Map for locations of Hitchcock and McPherson

Campus Parking for Saturday

At registration, individuals will need to notify if they are driving a vehicle to receive a parking pass for Saturday campus activities. This pass will allow cars to park in any lot zones. Due to budgeting we ask that student share a ride for an average of three people per vehicle. We will pass out parking passes to each school based off the ration. If additional passes are required please notify the ASCE members at registration and we will coordinate a solution.


Directions to Environmental Competition

parking available without permit 



OSU On-Campus Parking

The Ohio State University, 411 Woody Hayes Dr, Columbus, OH 43210


PAST Foundation Center – Steel Bridge Competition

1003 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212
*Additional parking directly across the street at Metro Early College Middle and High School


Anderson Concrete

400 Frank Rd, Columbus, OH 43207


OLD: Maps and directions to important locations for the OVSC conference can be found listed below.  Detailed directions can be found in the following PDF:

Conference Directions-sey64y