Behind The Scenes

Connor’s Micro Play 

Connor was the first person to direct a play in our production schedule. He was inspired by Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris. His play sets the scene for the Ohio opioid epidemic. Here is a behind the scenes look of Kylie recording voiceover and Sean talking about the process of writing a pivotal monologue for this piece. Enjoy and stay tuned for updates on Jake and Erin’s mini-plays!

Jake’s Micro Play

This is a movement and dance piece that’s rooted in conversations our group has had with people who’ve suffered from opioid addiction. What’s it like to be high? What goes into making the decision to use opioids? What is the bystander’s role in this? Actors: Matt Greenberg, Rina Hajra.

Erin’s Micro Play

Sobriety is not achieved; it is an everyday choice. Each member of the MFA Acting cohort was tasked with devising a physical exploration of what it means to “get clean” both figuratively and literally. The actors were also candidly interviewed about what they have absorbed during their opioid research and what action-based steps they believe we can take as a community to improve the National Health Emergency.

Kylie’s Micro Play

Kylie Anna Logan’s piece Family Tree is a lamentation and exploration of women enduring the opioid crisis in Ohio. What happens when you lose someone to an addiction that you are also experiencing? What do you take with you and what do you leave behind? What do you carry on your shoulders?
It features an original soundtrack by Kylie and Jess Hughes, and choreography by Lillian Brown.

Rina’s Micro Play
Growing up as sisters, Stella and Daphne transition from pageant girls to sex workers due to opioid addiction, despite their mother’s attempt to change their fates. Sisters acts as a visual progression into the abyss, exploring feminism, mother-daughter relationships, race, and resiliency.

Sean’s Micro Play
A Life, Dispairing is a story of a young man hoping to get another chance to break the cycle of addiction and recovery, he is burdened by the disfunction and addiction his home life has trapped him in from an early age.

Jess’ Micro Play