Interview with The Lantern 

We teamed up with the Lantern to share our perspective as artists in this turbulent time. “[We] hope the performance will encourage future filmmakers to acknowledge that addiction is an everyday reality for people and the way addiction is displayed in productions currently isn’t accurate, Jacob Athyal, a senior theatre graduate student, said. [We] also hope it will start the conversation around destigmatizing drug addiction, reminding people that it can affect anyone”.

The Department of Theatre uses platform to spread awareness on opioid epidemic

Interview with Steve Koczwara RN

Rina had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Koczwara. Steve is a registered nurse in Columbus, OH. He works on the front lines providing care to individuals suffering from substance use disorder. One of his goals is to destigmatize substance use in order to close the empathy gap amongst medical professionals. In this interview, he says, “When you think of 80% of all people that are addicted to substances like heroin, using that as an example, they got there through mismanagement of pain medication. And when I say mismanagement, I mean mismanagement of how they were prescribed”.

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Interview with Dennis and Pranav

Connor was excited to meet Dennis and Pranav, founders of Buckeyes for Harm Reduction. “Buckeyes for Harm Reduction is a grassroots student organization that aims to provide support to those affected by addiction and the opioid epidemic by advocating for harm reduction at the local, state, and national levels. Buckeyes for Harm Reduction engages with the campus community to provide students with harm reduction resources and empower them to advocate for comprehensive public health reforms that prevent overdoses and increase public well-being”.

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