Outdoor Explorer Virtual 4-H Club Information

Welcome to our 2020 Outdoor Explorer Virtual 4-H Club! We are very excited to share this wonderful opportunity with you.


Register Here!


Thanks to our team for providing this opportunity! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Ashley Hughey – hughey.28@osu.edu
  • Jenna Hoyt
  • Jenny Strickler
  • Janessa Hill
  • Alisha Faudie
  • Betty Wingerter
  • Jackie Krieger
  • Lucinda Miller
  • Emily Laugesen

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Explorer Virtual 4-H Club Information

  1. Hello Valda, I just opened registration back up until 5pm today only as it does start tomorrow. Please register by 5pm to guarantee a spot!

    • Hello, For security reasons we have only shared the zoom login information through your email. Let us know if you didn’t receive an email.

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