About Us

Mission Statement

The Ohio State University Young Professionals Network Employee Resource Group  (OSUYPN ERG) empowers Ohio State employees through professional development, social engagement, networking events, and leadership opportunities.

Primary Goals:

  • Align activities with the University’s goals and values
  • Encourage professional development
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Network with peers


  • Chair:  Oversees the board meetings and completes tasks as needed by the board.
  • Past Chair: After serving as the chair, the past-chair serves in an advisory capacity to support the team.
  • Events Specialist: Oversees all event planning for the organization to make certain the events are completed in a timely manner.  This includes supervising Professional Development and Social Programs.
  • Professional Development Events Chair: Works to plan and oversee professional development events.
  • Professional Development Events Vice Chair: Aids in planning and overseeing professional development events.
  • Social Programs Chair: Works to plan and oversee social events.
  • Social Programs Vice Chair: In year 1, aids in planning and overseeing social events. In year 2, moves into Social Programs Chair.
  • Webmaster: Updates and maintains website content.
  • Communications/Marketing Chair: Creates and distributes promotions and communications
  • Communications/Marketing Vice Chair: In year 1, aids with the creation and distribution of promotions and communications. In year 2, moves into the Communications/Marketing Chair role.
  • Treasurer: Manages financial resources
  • Treasurer-Elect: Aids in the management of financial resources. In year 2, moves into Treasurer position.
  • Registration/Assessment Chair: Maintains membership database, completes the assessment, and oversees event registration.
  • Registration/Assessment Vice Chair: Aids in the maintaining of the membership database, completing the assessment, and overseeing event registration. In year 2, moves into the Registration/Assessment Chair Position.
  • Mentoring Chair: Oversees the mentoring program.
  • Mentoring Vice  Chair: Assists with the mentoring program. In year 2, serves as Mentoring Chair.

Current Officers




Chair: Michaela Schaefer



Vice Chair: Hannah Nichols



Past Chair: Tracey Walterbusch



Past Chair: Lauren Luffy



Treasurer: Tyler Fogal



Treasurer-Elect: vacant



Secretary: Mallory Workman



Professional Development Events Chair: Ankit Shah




Professional Development Events Vice Chair: Kiley Walker



Professional Development Committee Member: Colin Veatch



Social Programs Chair: Iman Khan



Social Programs Vice Chair: Brittney Lust




Communications/Marketing Chair: Michael Neel



Communications/Marketing Vice Chair: Savannah Renshaw




Assessment Chair: Jannette Elum



Assessment Vice Chair: Madison Hilston



Mentoring Chair: Lauren Miller



Mentoring Vice Chair: vacant



Webmaster: Leslie Davidson